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Thank you for looking at our products, and for ordering our goods. This Dharma Emporium supports our work and a number of individuals, families and projects all over the world.

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The items we have selected to sell are based in two aspects of our work. First and foremost, the music and videos allow our creative talents to shine with the intent of sharing our Dharma insights and inspirations. Many of the other items are based in our desire to support friends in different parts of the world with either challenging circumstances or inspiring projects.

Many of the items are either made or collected by Pabitra Lama who lives by the great Stupa of Boudhanath and often helps children who are abandoned there. We have a project called Bright Nepal that helps girls who are in danger of being trafficked in the sex trade. Pabitra brings them to safe shelter in Bouda and we help to feed, cloth and educate them. The proceeds from the items commissioned in Nepal helps to support many people and circumstances.

"For 15 years now we have been supplying shawls to customers all over the world. The business has grown and developed with many new lines come out after our "Original" shawls! The shawls are currently being focused by Passang Dorjee and Dechen Saldon in Dharamsala, and this cottage industry has delighted hundreds of customers. Wrap your self in warmth, adorn yourself with kindness. Each shawl comes with our combined blessings."


You can be certain that whatever you buy the money will go to a good cause.
We are committed to doing whatever we can to bless the earth, and to work towards peace and fulfillment for all beings.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Anahata (anahatara@mac.com). Also our wonderful assistant, Lilliha will be happy to answer questions. (theswamp@centurytel.net). She may well be the one who will get your goodies in the mail to you, a dear and blessed friend.

This site specializes in uplifting music and spiritual tools. You will find many items dedicated to the Great Mother Tara. We also have a unique line on Jizo Bodhisattva. We sell items that will help you adorn a beautiful altar. We have prayer flags to increase the magnitude of your prayers. We have malas that will inspire your mantra recitation. But more than anything, this is the site to buy the magical music of Anahata Iradah and to purchase the magnificent DVD's she has made that celebrate the human spirit and show how sacred dance can take you all the way home.

Anahata's other specialty is the Dances of Universal Peace. In addition to being the inspired creator of many dances, she has also made in-depth instructional material (books and DVD's) to help develop musicians for the Dances. Her major specialties are open tuned guitar and recorder.


Each page has PayPal buttons so you can order through the secure, online shopping cart system.

Almost every thing on the site can be ordered wholesale in quantity. To bypass the shopping cart and find out wholesale prices, contact: Anahata (anahatara@mac.com).


We have so much to share. Enjoy!!!


May All Beings Be Happy
May All Beings Be Free

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