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Featuring the Work of Master Artist Lalman Lama of Kathmandu, Nepal

I first met Artist Lalman Lama in Kathmandu in the autumn of 2009.
I became friends with the whole family and offered to help support his beautiful work in any way I could.

At first I just showed his art to friends and students, but when he had a serious health crisis a few months ago
and could not paint for quite a while, I decided to feature his work on my WEB site.
As many people know Kathmandu and Nepal in general is suffering tremendous austerities,
so your purchase of a thangka will help the family of Artist Lalman Lama and the many apprentices who study this sacred art with him.

The measurements of all the thangkas are for the dimensions of the painting before the silk brocade is added.
When a thangka is purchased, Artist Lalman Lama takes the art to his sister who is a master in the art of adding the brocade frame.
After this, and prior to shipping, he consecrates the back of the thangka with the sacred syllables "Om, Ah, Hung".

All thangkas can be shipped directly to your home.
Before purchase please check with Anahata (anahatara@mac.com) to make sure the thangka is still available.


Chenrezig Thangkas


Green Tara Thangkas


Kalachakra, Pancha Buddha,

& Lotus Mandala Thangkas


Manjushree Thangkas


Wealth DeityThangkas




Vajrakilaya (Dorje Purbha) Thangka


White Tara Thangkas

May All Beings Be Happy
May All Beings Be Free

White Tara sitting on a lotus