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"This set of 7 medium weight shawls has a Native American feeling to the weave and texture.
 Measuring 40 inches X 78 inches  they are solid colors with matching embroidery and mirror tiles. 
There are seven in this series, red, white, black, turquoise, dusty pink, rust brown and beige.  

"You may watch the video to see the many ways in which these shawls can be worn. 
Dechen Saldon, who is in charge of the shawl project in Dharamsala, is our model."

Native American Style Shawls

Native American Style Shawl Native American Style Shawl Native American Style shawl

1. White

2. Turquoise

3. Black








4. Red

5. Rust

6. Dusty Rose







7. Beige

8. Red

9. Brown Rice







10. Black

11. Rust Red

12. Sand







13. Red



Wholesale Inquiries Of All Shawls Welcome.

(minimum 12 shawls, any combination of Original, Art, Exotic, or Native American Style shawls)

Please contact Anahata.

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