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It would require at least 6 different photos to convey the richness of these Elegant Worsted Shawls.
That is why you MUST watch the little video with our lovely model
displaying the varying patterns and shifting colors of this exquisite fabric.
Shades of teal and burnt orange, brick red and taupe, gold, chocolate, rust, olive...
drape one of these shawls over your shoulders and be enfolded in beauty.

Elegant Worsted Shawls

Elegant Worsted Shawl Elegant Worsted Shawl Elegant Worsted shawl

1. Teal and Burnt Orange

2. Brick Red and Taupe 

3. Teal and Rust 








4. Antique Gold and Flame

5. Olive and Light Burnt Orange

6. Chocolate and Teal 







Wholesale Inquiries Of Worsted Shawls Welcome.

(minimum 12 shawls)

Please contact Anahata.

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