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Dickyi, a Tibetan woman, with shawls
Tsering Dickyi

Tibetan Prayer Shawls & Pashmina Shawls

At the outset of our shawl project twelve years ago these beautiful hand loom shawls helped to support a young Tibetan refugee family, Tsering Dorjee, his wife Tsetan Lhamo, their young boys Tenzin Rabga and Tenzin Lhawang and their adopted daughter, Tsetan Dolker. They lived in Dharamsala, India.

Over the course of time Tsering Dorjee and his family gained asylum in the USA and the management of the project was passed to his younger sister Dechen Saldon. She handles all the shawl orders from Dharamsala and recently married a wonderful man named Passang Dorjee. Now they are expecting their first baby very soon.

The shawls we carry have been dubbed "Tibetan Shawls" because the Tibetans buy them from the mills in the Punjab for sale in their local markets. The mills claim them to be 100% pure, but they will never tell us "pure" what!

Tibetan refugee couple, Tsering DOrje and Tsetan Lhamo

Tsering Dorji and his wife Tsetan Lhamo

Deshen Saldon

Dechen Saldon


Dechen Saldon with H.H. Dalai Lama's younger sister Mrs. Jetsun Pema la. Mrs. Jetsun Pema la is considered to be the Mother of Tibet.

Dechen Saldon preparing the shawls to mail.

Passang Dorji and Dechen Saldon on their wedding day.

The Art, Original and Exotic Warm shawls are very soft and fluffy
and easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine.
Because they do not shrink or fade after washing
we suspect that there is a percentage of acrylic fiber in the mix.

We started the project by selling what we call Original Shawls, with Dickyi (at the very top) who took us to meet the manufacturers. She had a chance to study in Japan so Tsering Dorjee took over after being our tour guide for our 1998 Tara pilgrimage. Dorjee then discovered another variety at the market called ďArtĒ Shawls for their beautiful artistic patterns. These marvelous shawls are also soft, and a little less fluffy.

† These shawls are the size of a single bed and we donít go anywhere with out at least one in our car or luggage.

Colors and designs are ever changing. We often update our retail shawl pages.

Now we are adding more varieties of shawls to our collection so check in frequently!

To see our beautiful range of

Original Shawls

42" x 83"

To see our beautiful range of

Art Shawls

38" X 80"

To see our range of

Pashmina Water Shawls

82 1/2" long X 29" wide

To see our beautiful range of

Floral Pasmina Shawls

27" wide X 72 long"

To see our beautiful range of

Exotic Warm Shawls

42" X 81"

To see our beautiful range of

Gorgeous Viscose Stoles

75.5" X 28.5"

To see our beautiful range of

Embroidered Enchantment Shawls

27" x 80"

To see our beautiful range of

Native American Style Shawls

40" X 78"

To see our range of

Elegant Worsted Shawls

38" X 83"

To see our range of

Unique Stoles

29" X 78"

To see our range of

2013 Shawls

82" long X 28" wide

To see our range of

Double Sided Warmth Shawls

100" long X 43" wide

To see our range of

Ancient Symbols Shawls

84" long X 36" wide

To see our range of

Flowers For Friends Shawls

76" long X 37" wide

If you are interested in our special wholesale offer
(minimum 12 shawls, any combination of Original, Art, Exotic Warm,
or Native American Style Shawls)
Please contact Anahata.

Pashmina Water Shawls

These shawls are purchased for us by Pabitra who lives by the great Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu. She supports several Nepali children who need assistance from the villages or who have been abandoned at the Stupa. As our small cottage industry grows so does our friend Pabitra’s capacity to be effective in her role as caregiver to many.

Meet Pabitra Lama of Bouda Stupa, Kathmandu

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina is the finest wool shorn from the soft undercoat (neck and belly) of Himalayan mountain goats. The feather light fiber is extraordinarily soft and light, yet exceptionally warm. Our “Water” shawls are 70 % Pashmina and 30% Silk, a blend that provides an amazing texture and beauty. They weigh just 2.7 oz and measure 29" X 82 1/2“.

The shawls come in an array of colors. Most are two-tone, the warp and weft different shades. This gives rise to a play of color that shimmers in the light. These two-tone selections are reversible.

“Water” Shawls retail at $30.00. Wholesale enquiries are welcome: Anahata.