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moon and prayer flags over Stupa in Kathmandu
Prayer Flags and Moon
Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu

The Tibetan people have a custom of hanging brightly colored banners of cloth covered with prayers and mantras in the wind.

It is thought that the wind carries the prayers to all corners of the world bringing blessings of good will and abundance to all it touches. The colors of the flags depict the five basic elements:

The hanging of prayer flags is considered a great act of generosity, and will bring great good fortune. Just imagine how many people the wind will eventually touch. The flags are not hemmed so that when the threads unravel onto the earth, the creatures who have their life in the soil are also blessed.

One must be careful not to hang the flags on inauspicious days. According to tradition this will not bring benefit. Auspicious days, on the other hand, will increase the benefit of your act of generosity. You will find a list of these at the bottom of this page.

Our flags are strung together on sturdy twine. A beautiful line drawing of the Goddess Tara is surrounded by the 21 Praises of Tara in Tibetan script. Green Tara's special gifts are protection and abundance and White Tara's special gifts are the removing of obstacles to our long life and the bestowing of good health.

Om Tare!! Om Tare!!

traditional ink block print of Tara

Sets of Tara Prayer Flags from Kathmandu

Traditional Ink Block Prints Made in Kathmandu

Volume Discount -- six 10-flag sets for $25
6 "x 5"
Green Tara
White Tara
Set of 25 Prayer Flags
10"x 10"
Small, Green Tara only
12"x 15"
Green Tara
White Tara
15"x 18"
Green Tara
White Tara

Wind Horse & Other Tibetan Designs

Paper Prayer Flags

Strings of 25 Flags

Absolutely Lovely! Will decorate any altar!

Strings of 25 Flags


Sets of 10 fabric mini mantra prayer flags, $5.00 per set 3" X 3 1/2"


Choose a Set


New, remarkably crisp, computer generated image prayer flags.

These flags are really clear and distinct.

Sets of 10 Flags
$10.00 each
6 1/4" X 8 1/4"


Green Tara


White Tara


Guru Rinpoche


Wind Horses




Medicine Buddha




Auspicious and Inauspicious Days For Hanging Prayer Flags

The Tibetans believe that the merit to be gained by the hanging of Prayer Flags can be inhibited, even reversed by hanging them on days that are considered inauspicious. This is determined by some complicated astrological acrobatics. We asked our Tara Dhatu Representative in Kathmandu, Andrea Abinanti, to help us figure out the auspicious and inauspicious dates for the rest of this Tibetan calendar year.

Auspicious dates mean that the merit to be gained is multiplied by the force of the astrological connection. These are calculated by the lunar cycle...... The 8th lunar day celebrates Tara, the 10th is called Guru Rinpoche Day, the 15th is Full Moon, the 25th is Dakini Day (Vajrayogini) and the 30th is Protector Day. These days often do not match our western calendar's progression.

Guide to The Hanging of Prayer Flags

For more detailed suggestions to align to the merit of hanging prayer flags consult: www.khandro.net

However for a general guide:
Monday is not a good day to hang flags and Friday is very good.