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Focus the mind with prayer beads. Infuse each bead with blessings of peace for all beings. Dimensions may vary slightly from the measurements given here, which are a guide.

All the measurements of the malas are based upon the sample measured for display.
Malas that are mailed will be very close to these measurements
but may vary according to the stones available at the time.

108 Bead Malas
21 Bead Wrist Malas

1. Beautiful Sandalwood Mala with Turquoise Counters and silver spacers.The exquisite aroma of sandlewood will follow you everywhere if you purchase one of our pure Sandlewood Malas.

36" round

1. Sandalwood Mala with Turquoise Counter


2.Tiger Eye Mala with crystal counters and silver spacers.Tiger Eye is a stone of protection that is also very grounding. Our lovely 108 bead mala will help you with these qualities.
35" round

2. Tiger Eye Mala

3. Lotus Seed Mala with Lapis Lazuli counter beads and silver spacers.The lotus rises from rotting vegetation to blossom in great beauty and purity. Our spiritual life, rising out of the darkness of ignorance and confusion gives birth to great beauty and purity. Lapis Lazuli represents spiritual attunement. The lotus beads are said to be sacred to Tara.

40" round

3. Lotus Seed Mala

4. Indian Jade (adventurine) Mala with Quartz Crystal counter beads and silver spacers Pathworking Mala.
Gentle green Adventurine represents the heart chakra, balance and compassion. Quartz Crystal represents energy and motivation.

37" round

4. Indian Jade (adventurine) Wrist Mala .


5. Pearl with lapis lazuli counters and silver spacers. This mala for us represents the purity and healing and pacifying qualities of White Tara.
25 1/2 " round

6. Amethyst with lapis lazuli counters and silver spacers.This mala is embued with the healing qualities of amethyst.
47" round

6. Amethyst

7. Quartz crystal with lapis lazuli counters and silver spacers. This mala is associated with the jewel of compassion carried by Chenrezig.
37" round

Quartz crystal wrist mala with a choice of either lapis lazuli, or turquoise counter bead.
$18.00 Each

Quartz Mala w/ Lapis Lazuli Counter Bead

Quartz Mala w/ Turquoise Counter Bead

8. Carnelian with crystal counters and silver spacers. This mala will help you find strength of purpose and courage.
37" round

8. Carnelian

9. Lapis Lazuli Lapis counters and silver spacers. This mala contains the ancient Medicine Buddha qualities of healing.
37" round

Lapis Lazuli Wrist Mala.


10. Malachite with crystal counters and silver spacers. Malachite is a stone of the heart chakrra
37" round

10. Malachite

11. Turquoise 21 Bead Wrist Malas.

108 Bead Garnet with crystal


21 Bead Garnet with crystal


Skull Mala Black

Carved from bone, reminding us of the impermanent nature of all things.

Skull Mala Brown

Carved from bone, reminding us of the impermanent nature of all things.


108 Bead Lotus Seed Malas

Larger (left picture)

Smaller (right picture)

Larger $21


Smaller $18

Sterling Silver Mala Counters
The Tibetans have a system of practice that includes the counting of vast numbers of mantras. These dorje and bell counters will allow you to do so with ease.

Large (upper picture)

Medium (middle picture)

Small (bottom picture)

Small $20


Medium $25

Large $35

May All Beings Be Happy
May All Beings Be Free

White Tara sitting on a lotus