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Jizo Bodhisattva
Rest In The Gentle Healing Power of Jizo

For millennia, Jizo Bodhisattva, (also known as Earth Store Bodhisattva or Kshitigarbha) has been the special guide and protector of women, travelers and children, particularly children who died.

When Jizo walks the jingling rings on his staff reminds the big animals to be peaceful and the small creatures to scurry out of his way so he does not harm them. The jewel he holds in his left hand shines the light of the Dharma into all realms, offering assistance to come back into wholeness.

These hand made Jizos are one of a kind made by a master potter who lives in a small town in Georgia. Her artistry, attunement, love and devotion are evident in each piece she makes. She herself is recovering from a serious health challenge and the merit gathered from the making of each Jizo is dedicated to beings recovering full health and vitality.

One idea is to make a forest consisting of One Jizo Bodhisattva and Four Animals. Jizo is sharing the Dharma with the creatures and telling them that they are safe within his presence, as all life is sacred.

Each piece is crafted individually and will be unique. They will look like the Jizos on the page but they will be made just for you.

These are the options we can offer at this time. We are happy to take inquiries outside of the dimensions on this WEB site.


$20.00, 3 1/2" tall , One Jizo Glazed Clay Statue

$25.00, 4 X Assorted Forest Animals

c) Combined Jizo & 4 little animals: $40.00

d) Trays:

Small $10.00,

Medium $11.00,

Larger $12.00

e) Trees $10.00 each



Circle of Jizos
The Circle is Praying for Bear

Jizo gives Dharma talks to the animals of the forest.
A Gathering of Friends

Jizo Prays for our World

Jizo rests in the shade.
My Best Friend
Purity is Priceless
A Gathering of Jizos

Jizo Tree 1

Jizo Tree 2

Jizo Tree 3

Jizo Tree 4

Jizo Tree 5

Jizo Tree 6

Jizo Tree 7

Jizo Tree 8

Jizo Tree 9

Jizo Tree 10

Jizo Tree 11


Jizo Tree 12