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Anahata Iradah

Anahata Iradah is a core member of the Mentor Teacher's Guild, Dances for Universal Peace. She leads workshops and gives individual instruction when on tour. She has developed a comprehensive curriculum to assist her "mentees" in developing their own dance-leading skills.

Anahata also offers information and instruction through her CDs, and books.

Guitars of Universal Peace

This publication replaces the former publication of the same name It is updated in every way.
Includes bi-lingual (English/Portuguese) 120 page book and 4 exceptional DVD's. A 2 camera shoot allowed me to edit the material in such a way to high light the fingering, strumming, picking patterns as well as long shots showing the musical transmission.
Divided very clearly into 5 sections that show the broadest possible view of the brilliance of open tuning.
This work is based in C/Doh Open Tuning but it can equally be used as a reference for G/Soh Open Tuning.
1. Melodic minor
2. Melodic Major
3. Harmonic minor
4. Harmonic Major
5. Everything outside the Major/minor system in melodic and harmonic styles.

In addition to the 5 sections are smaller videos that include "How To Plan A Dance Meeting" & "How To Tune Your Guitar"

Not only is this a guitar method in Opening Tuning for the Dances of Universal Peace it is also in part an ear training method for the Dances. For each dance we are trained to ask 3 fundamental questions:

1. Is this dance in Major/minor or outside the Major/minor system?
2. What is the intrinsic rhythmic structure of this music?
3. What is the opening note of the music in relation to Doh or Sa?
When these 3 questions can be answered authoritatively then skillful accompaniment of the Dances of Universal Peace follow as a result. Learn how to accompany the Dances of Universal Peace with this kind of authority, so that the full power of the music can flow through your hands.

This project could not have been accomplished without the devoted work of Gisele Leite L'Abbate.

Gisele functioned as the videographer, Portuguese narrator, translator and proof reader. Without her help this project would not have been manifest, so I am deeply grateful.


Hello Anahata,

I received your lovely book, what a nice cover! I've been watching and playing with the DVD, and how nice to see you again! The material is so clearly presented, and even though some of it is review for me, it's been so long that it's very helpful. There's something new on each song and I love the flourish on Abwoon d'Bashmaya. That is very lovely! I'm having so much fun, my poor fingertips have begged me to slow down and let them recover... Thanks so much for pulling this wonderful project together, what a gift to us learning guitarists and to the dances!!

Hugs and happy travels, Aarti (Washington State, USA)

Book and 4 DVD's


Musician's Guide to the Mandala Dance of Tara
With Anahata Iradah,
Honoring the work of Prema Dasara

Musician's Guide to Mandala Dance of Tara

DVD $30

In this DVD the viewer will be guided through every section of the Mandala Dance of Tara on Guitar, Swar Sangham, Harmonium and Drums. The DVD even begins before the start of the dance with instruction on how to set the atmosphere with the "Slow Mantra of Tara".

Great care was taken to show many close-up views of the frets of the guitar and strumming patterns. There is a detailed explanation about why I choose to play in Open Tuning instead of Standard Tuning and also there is a discussion about how to layer the music and which instruments to choose and in which order. Really this was a labor of love to help musicians from around the world to play music for Tara in a beautiful way.

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Performed by Anahata Iradah

Musician's Guide
to the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara
Anahata Iradah

CD $21

A Support for Teachers & Musicians of the "Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara"

In this CD Anahata demonstrates how to weave the tapestry of the Tara Dance with Voices, Guitar, Harmonium, Swar Sangham, Tuned Cow Bells, Tingshaw, Cymbal & Drums.
Lovingly produced in service to all Tara Dance musicians around the globe.

"May all Beings be Happy, Blessed by the One Who Blazes with Glory"

Recorder Joy ~ for children!
Anahata Iradah

book cover, "Recorder Joy"

Book $16
Cassette $10

A beautifully illustrated music book for children, teaching them to play the soprano or tenor recorder. 27 delightful songs celebrating the wonder and beauty of the animal kingdom.

The book is skillfully graded from very easy pieces through intermediate accomplishment.

On the companion tape, each piece is introduced, demonstrated and then a band accompanies the student through several repetitions.

Recorders of Universal Peace
Anahata Iradah

book cover, "Recorders of Universal Peace"

Book $18
Set of Two Cassettes $20

Combine music & meditation and raise the vibration of the planet one note at a time! Teach yourself alto recorder with melodies from Dances of Universal Peace.

Exquisite hand-made book with two hour companion cassette tapes of meditative music.

The teaching tape guides the student from basic elemental melodies, step by step, gradually building until inspiring tunes flow from the instrument. Each piece is skillfully and appropriately introduced, and the student plays along to a beautiful instrumental setting of the music.

Rhythms of Universal Peace
Compiled and Arranged by Anahata Iradah

Rhythmic Patterns to Accompany the Dances of Universal Peace for Guitar and Other Instruments.

Using 13 well-known Dances of Universal Peace, Anahata's clear instructions guide the student through different rhythmic patterns of guitar strumming which can be used for each Dance, or portions of each Dance.

The rhythms are notated in the booklet for visual learning and the guitar playing on the CD is crystal clear and easy to follow.

The rhythms can be adapted for playing with two hands for drummers.

This is a great learning tool for anyone who has had little professional music instruction (or instruction which was given many years ago).

It will quickly and easily improve their guitar playing to respond with greater flexibility to the atmosphere of different Dances.

Learn more about Anahata on her bio page.
To request more information about her music, email her at