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  • Using simple movement, meditation, and sound we explore the power of our mind to bring about a state of well being in the body.


    May You Be Happy and Healthy

    'Hou La'...Be Whole


    New release from Anahata & Prema:
    Expanded version of Medicine Buddha~
    Sangye Menla CD


    This CD is the music from the Medicine Buddha DVD, except that it now has a new 22 minute healing track. Inspired by the work of a team of doctors in Brasil who were performing extraordinary brain surgery Anahata was inspired to compose music that they could play during the surgery. Sometimes audibly and sometimes embedded within the texture of the music, the Medicine Buddha mantra is felt and heard surrounded by beautiful pure land music and sounds of nature. This 5th track is a wonderful contribution to the CD allowing the listener to participate in a complete practice of Medicine Buddha and at the end relax into the spacious sounds nature and healing.

    1. With The Wish To Free All Beings 4:41

    2. Nepali Offering Dance 3:12

    3. Medicine Buddha Practice 10:24

    4. Metta Karuna 4:40

    5. The Healing Buddha 22:09

    Medicine Buddha Movement Meditation
    Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara

    Blue Buddha

    DVD $25
    The production of "Medicine Buddha" is coupled with "The Dancing Nuns of Kopan" on one DVD.
    This sacred dance practice invokes the power of Medicine Buddha for healing afflictions of body and mind. Presented as a complete practice, based on Tibetan Buddhist wisdom teachings, Prema Dasara guides the viewer through the intricacies of sacred movement and meditation. Accompanied by Anahata Iradah's exquisite music, the viewer is led into a powerful experience of healing.

    Dances included are:

    1. The Prayer of Shantideva, "With The Wish To Free All Beings".
    2. Medicine Buddha, "Song Of Praise" & "Mantra"
    3. "Offering Goddesses" Classical Nepali Vajrayana Dance
    4. Dedication of Merit, "Champa Nyingje" also known as "Metta, Karuna". The CD contains all of the music that accompanies the video.

    May the Medicine of the Great Lapis Lazuli Buddha Move Through the World, Bringing Balance, Healing and Liberation to All.


    CD Cover Vajra Sattva

    CD $15

    Vajra Sattva
    Dance of the 100 Syllable Mantra

    It has long been my aspiration to create a group dance to the 100 syllable Vajra Sattva Mantra of purification. This year (2006) at our Tara Camp in Brasilia a small group of students helped me succeed in this aspiration. Anahata wrote a lovely melody for the mantra, something that can be sung slow and meditatively and then can gather speed. We recorded the music in Rio. For the sake of our Brazilian students we recorded it in English and in Portuguese. The CD includes the visualization meditations as well as the mantra.


    Blue Sky Healing, Chi-lel

    There is a quiet revolution in health care going on in China. Using a simple movement meditation and a lot of love thousands of ordinary people are healing themselves of the most impossible diseases. Cancer in it's advanced stages, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, are only a few of the death sentences these miracle workers have escaped.

    Blue Sky Healing
    Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara

    cassette cover with celestial woman holding the earth

    CD $18

    These practices are based on Chi Lel(TM), a Chi Gung practice designed to bring about a state of optimal health. One is guided to use the power of the mind, coupled with simple, easy to understand body movements to energize and heal body, mind and soul. Narrated by Prema Dasara and Anahata Iradah, accompanied by Anahata's inspiring music. Deeply relaxing.

    The CD opens with the Blue Sky song, based upon Luke Chan’s translation of the “Anthem” of the Medicineless Hospital in China. The method follows. Prema Dasara has used her own imagery to augment the “Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down” sequence that is one of the foundation practices of the Medicineless Hospital.

    The CD continues with Anahata leading a body centered meditation. Prema follows this with a La-Chi session, a simple Chi-Lel self healing practice. The La-Chi session is accompanied by Anahata’s song of Loving Kindness. This leads to Fa-Chi...directing universal Chi to heal a friend or loved one, culminating in a song of blessing, Sarva Mangalam.

    Ocean of Love
    Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara

    CD cover with rainbow over a beach

    CD $18
    Cassette $11

    People from all walks of life are healing themselves of every known form of disease and disability through the profound practices called Chi-lel(tm) Qigong. This system of healing was given to the world by Dr. Pang (Lao Shi) in China and brought to the United States by Master Luke Chan. Anahata Iradah and Prema Dasara have coupled stories and teachings from Luke's book, "101 Miracles", with their healing music and poetic imagery. An empowering & inspiring journey into the heart of love. Chi Heals.