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Guitar Strings
The Dances of Universal Peace are simple circle dances shaped around sacred phrases from the spiritual traditions of the earth. Based in the revelations of Murshid Samuel Lewis, they celebrate and acknowledge that which unites the many paths that lead Toward the One and encourage participants to understand and honor each other more deeply.

Anahata Iradah

The Dances of Univeral Peace are transmitted through a system of mentoring. Anahata Iradah is a core member of the Mentor Teacher's Guild. She has developed comprehensive curriculum to assist her "mentees" in developing their own dance-leading skills. In addition to giving workshops and individual instruction when on tour, Anahata has also developed the following videos, cassettes and books for those seeking information and instruction in this wonderful tradition.

If you would like to listen to this music, many excerpts are available on http://dancesofuniversalpeacena.org/dupna-more-dances.htm

I Planted Seeds

Volume One of Anahata's original Dances of Universal Peace.
Full write-ups, music and attunements for:

1. Enter Unhesitatingly Beloved
2. The Rapture Of My Heart
3. Love Is The Divine Mother's Arms
4. My Heart Has Become An Ocean Beloved (a)
5. My Heart Has Become An Ocean Beloved (B)
6. Eternal Ecstasy Of Being
7. The Gods Have Meant That I Should Dance
8. Equanimity
9. The Big Sigh
10. Let Yourself Be Drawn
11. I Planted Seeds
12. Like The Trace Of A Bird
13. Let The Beauty We love
14. A O He Hana Nui Ke
15. Mother of God/Mãe de Deus
16. Calling Bismillah
17. Ecstasy Zikr
18. Your Vow Continues

(There will eventually be two DVD's to accompany this book. At this point you may purchase the DVD's separately. It will also be available as a set)


Be The Change

The wisdom traditions of our earth (Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Sufism, Christianity) serve as the inspiration of many of my lyrics. Potent and inspiring sacred phrases are set to music which incorporates both Eastern and Western instrumentation. Recorded in a relaxed and spacious studio in Brasilia, Brasil with my beloved engineer Mauricio Fonteles, the results are splendid. My songs are like the story of my life as it unfolds moment by moment. Some people keep a written journal, but for me, my songs are the journal of my life and my spiritual unfolding. Nothing could make me happier than to leave on this earth an imprint of my soul through music. I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity to share my music with the world. Loving my animals and friends and sharing my music bring me great joy! I pour my love into my instruments and as you listen, imagine yourself being bathed in loving-kindness. If you feel my love...I have succeeded!


Click here to purchase digital downloads of individual songs (or the whole CD) through CDBaby!

All the lyrics and attributions for every song on "Be The Change" are contained within this document. Just activate the link and down load an 8 pages of beauty!


Guitars of Universal Peace

This publication replaces the former publication of the same name It is updated in every way.
Includes bi-lingual (English/Portuguese) 120 page book and 4 exceptional DVD's. A 2 camera shoot allowed me to edit the material in such a way to high light the fingering, strumming, picking patterns as well as long shots showing the musical transmission.
Divided very clearly into 5 sections that show the broadest possible view of the brilliance of open tuning.
This work is based in C/Doh Open Tuning but it can equally be used as a reference for G/Soh Open Tuning.
1. Melodic minor
2. Melodic Major
3. Harmonic minor
4. Harmonic Major
5. Everything outside the Major/minor system in melodic and harmonic styles.

In addition to the 5 sections are smaller videos that include "How To Plan A Dance Meeting" & "How To Tune Your Guitar"

Not only is this a guitar method in Opening Tuning for the Dances of Universal Peace it is also in part an ear training method for the Dances. For each dance we are trained to ask 3 fundamental questions:

1. Is this dance in Major/minor or outside the Major/minor system?
2. What is the intrinsic rhythmic structure of this music?
3. What is the opening note of the music in relation to Doh or Sa?
When these 3 questions can be answered authoritatively then skillful accompaniment of the Dances of Universal Peace follow as a result. Learn how to accompany the Dances of Universal Peace with this kind of authority, so that the full power of the music can flow through your hands.

This work has been long awaited by myself as well as many others!
It has finally arrived.

Book and 4 DVD's

Hello Anahata,

I received your lovely book, what a nice cover! I've been watching and playing with the DVD, and how nice to see you again! The material is so clearly presented, and even though some of it is review for me, it's been so long that it's very helpful. There's something new on each song and I love the flourish on Abwoon d'Bashmaya. That is very lovely! I'm having so much fun, my poor fingertips have begged me to slow down and let them recover... Thanks so much for pulling this wonderful project together, what a gift to us learning guitarists and to the dances!!

Hugs and happy travels, Aarti (Washington State, USA)

One Bridge to Cross 100 Rivers

CD $18.00

For full lyrics and attributions of song please go to:



For The First Time Sets of C Open Guitar Strings
for 6 String and 12 String Guitar.
Open Tuning Is Primarily Used For The Dances of Universal Peace



Tara's Chest of Treasures Vol.1

DVD $25.00


2010 has been a good year for recording!
Another CD from Anahata of this year's
Divine Musical Manifestations!

A Precious Garland


1. Prayer of Motivation - 2:00
2. Even In The Darkest Night - 3:38
3. Tara's Refuge - 8:19
4. Let Yourself Be Drawn - 4:38
5. Song of Protection 3:54
6. We are Joined as One Family - 3:14
7. Ashem Vohu - 5:51
8. My Heart Has Become An Ocean Beloved - 11:06
9. A Ray Of Light - 5:05
10. Bodhicitta is the Key - 5:16
11. Even in the Darkest Night - 2:43

CD $18.00


Volume 1

"The Mandala Dance
of the 21 Praises of Tara"

The Ritual of the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara has been offered throughout the world, blessing dancers and audience with inspiration, joy and spiritual awakening. The music is an integral part of the power of the offering.

Invocation to Tara
Refuge & Bodhicitta
The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara,
The Dedication

Booklet $21.00

Tara's Book of Songs

Volume 2

Based in Tibetan Buddhist practice, the dances included in Tara’s Book of Songs Volume 2 were developed by Anahata Iradah and Prema Dasara to support their work, traveling and sharing from the heart of Tara..


Beloved Tara
Tara's Refuge
Dance of the Qualities
Gold Tara
Invocation of the Healing White Tara
Tara Mother to All
Rowing To Enlightenment
One Hundred Syllable Vajra Sattva Mantra
Six Syllable Vajra Sattva Mantra
Short Vajra Sattva Mantra
8 Precious Offerings
16 Offering Goddess' Dance
Medicine Buddha
Tara Tames the 8 Fears
Guru Rinpoche
Wind Horses
In Praise of Manjushri
Buddha Dakini
Vajra Dakini
Ratna Dakini
Padma Dakini
Karma Dakini
May All Beings Every Where Without Exception

Booklet $30.00

Realms of Beauty

Songs, Dances, and Walking Meditations in the spirit of
the Dances of Universal Peace.
Celebrating Many of the Spiritual Traditions of Our Earth,
This CD has some exquisite tracks for creating a sublimly sacred atmosphere.

1. Let Yourself Be Silently Drawn 3:34
2. Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah 7:37
3. Ya Hayyo Ya Qayoom 6:44
4. Maria 4:01
5. Tara Mother To All 6:55
6. Tara's Mandala 11:23
7. Four Noble Truths 6:50
8. Rowing to Enlightenment 6:15
9. Ya Rasheed, Ya Murshid 4:19
10. Companions 5:13
11. Jelali Zikr 4:44
12. Lost 4:47
13. Padmasambhava Song of the Elements 5:55

CD $18.00

The Mantra and the flame

Anahata Iradah and Aradna Novais

Anahata's most recent companion of Dances of Universal Peace exquisitely recorded in English/Portguese and various mantric languages. These delightful songs keep on dancing through the day and night!

1. Calling Bismillah 4:30
2. No Task is Too Big /A'OHE HANA NUI KE ALU'IA 4:26
3. Indra's Net (Rig Veda) 5:01
4. Fall in Love 3:30
5. As Long as the Women Keep on Dancing 3:33
6. Ya Jamil 4:15
7. Breeze At Dawn 5:00
8. Lovers Don't Finally Meet Somewhere 5.00
9. The Stars Come Up Spinning....... 4:10
10. Christ Has No Body 4:21
11. Hymn to Jesus 6:07
12. Love Thy Neighbor 4:15
13. Chief Seattle 9:00
14. The Mantra & The Flame 2:40
15. Calling Bismillah 2:00

CD $18.00

In The Garden of the Jewel Dakini

This CD is dedicated to the practices of prosperity, abundance and the manifestation of the riches of the earth.

All the tracks are inspired from within the Buddhist tradition.

1. The Eight Precious Offerings 11:03 (Tibetan Buddhism)
2. Nepali Offering Dance 3:12 (Tantric Buddhism)
3. Ratna Dakini 6:07 (Tibetan Buddhism)
4. In The Garden of the Jewel Dakini 7:04 (Instrumental)
5. Gentle Jizo 22:09 (Buddhism)
6. Mantra of Kshitigarbha 4:59 (Buddhism)
7. Gold Tara 5:56 (Tibetan Buddhism)


CD $18.00

Dancing with the Dakinis

Working with the mantras associated with the 5 Wisdom Dakinis, Anahata has created a suite of 7 Dances of Universal Peace connected to the energies of each of the Wisdom families. The opening track "Tara's Refuge" has captured the heart of many Tara practitioners as a result of the soaring beauty of the chant. This CD is a result of the wonderful teachings of Prema Dasara and Lama Tashi of Kauai.

1. Tara's Refuge 6:55
2. Buddha Dakini 5:55
3. Vajra Dakini 5:52
4. Ratna Dakini 6:04
5. Padma Dakini 4:33
6. Karma Dakini 6:21
7. May All Beings Everywhere 3:19

CD $18.00

Let The Beauty We Love, Be What We Do/A Beleza Que Amamos
Anahata Iradah, Aradna Heloisa Chrtina Souza Novais, Prema Dasara

CD cover with song titles, rainbow, and artists

CD $18

This CD was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 2005 as a collaboration with friends from the Brasilian Network of the Dances of Universal Peace. It is sung both in English and Portuguese and features a fine and fun collection of treasured Dances. Anahata & Prema are supported by the beautiful voice of Aradna Heloisa Novais with additional vocals by William Valle, Patricia Tolentino, Maria Ache & Devi de Jardin.

1. Sarva Dharma 4.08
2. Prashanthi Nilyam 6.54
3. Ganesha 10.00
4. Hla Gya Lo! 4.42
5. Beloved Tara/Amada Tara 7.30
6. The Eternal Ecstacy of Being!/O Eterno Êxtase do Ser! 5.39
7. Light Up The World/Luz do Mundo 2.25
8. Praise/Louvor 5.45
9. Shlomo Aleikhun 3.40
10. Mother of God/Mãe de Deus 6.07
11.Touch of Spirit on the Body!/Toque do Espirito no Corpo 7.49
12. Enter Unhesitatingly Beloved!/Entre Sem Hesitar, Bem Amado! 5.45
13. Let the Beauty We Love/A Beleza Que Amamos 8.24

Liner notes, lyrics and full attributions can be found here.

Rhythms of Universal Peace
Compiled and Arranged by Anahata Iradah

65 minute CD and 24 page spiral bound booklet $16.00

Rhythmic Patterns to Accompany the Dances of Universal Peace for Guitar and Other Instruments.

Using 13 well-known Dances of Universal Peace, Anahata's clear instructions guide the student through different rhythmic patterns of guitar strumming which can be used for each Dance, or portions of each Dance. The rhythms are notated in the booklet for visual learning and the guitar playing on the CD is crystal clear and easy to follow. The rhythms can be adapted for playing with two hands for drummers. This is a great learning tool for anyone who has had little professional music instruction (or instruction which was given many years ago). It will quickly and easily improve their guitar playing to respond with greater flexibility to the atmosphere of different Dances.

CD cover with tree and  lovers

Touch of Spirit on the Body

Anahata Iradah

CD $15

Anahata's album is a beautiful collection of sacred and secular songs celebrating life and love.

It includes the Beatitudes Song, Let the Beauty We Love, Touch of Spirit on the Body and many other favorites. David Young wrote in the New Times, "Check out this ethereal release! It's part folk, part lullaby, and part ethnic-derivative, but this album, driven by quiet, intimate acoustic guitar and vocals, Is All Magic."
Calling All Lovers
Anahata Iradah

CD cover with title and the art of Deborah Koff-Chapin

CD $18

This exquisite cycle of song and dance was inspired by the Dervish poetry of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi.

It centers around the poem "Song About A Journey" translated by Neil Douglas-Klotz in "Desert Wisdom".

"Calling All Lovers ..........It's time to break camp from this material world"

2008 Release of expanded bi-lingual version of
Dancing The Heavenly Abodes.



Dancing the Heavenly Abodes/Dancando s Moradas Celestiais

In Portuguese and English

1- Om Ah Hung

2- Refuge & Bodhicitta

3- Muni Muni

4- Bodhicitta~The Heart of Enlightenement

5- Tashi Delek~Our Pledge of Friendship

6- Hla Gya Lo!

7- Metta~Loving Kindness

8- Om Buddha Maitreya Mem Soha

9- Karuna~The Jewel of Compassion

10- White Tara

11- Mudita~Sarva Mangalam

12- Upekkha~Equanimity Song

13- Equanimity

14- The Heavenly Abodes~Four Immeasurables

15- Your Vow Continues With You

CD and Booklet $33

15 Dharma Dances, 133 pages, with full musical notation, attunements and dance movements. Everything explained with clarity and depth. The book includes a beautiful CD recording of every song in both English and Portuguese.

Dance into the heart of happiness through these joyful songs based on the Brahma Viharas, the Four Heavenly Abodes.
Opening to loving kindness, compassion, rejoicing in the joys of others and equanimity, we experience life as heavenly and divine.

The music is expertly recorded and wonderfully inspirational. Lovingly created and assembled by Anahata Iradah and Prema Dasara.

Re-Release and Re-Mastering of
The Gods Have Meant That I Should Dance
Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara

Shiva dancing

CD $18


With beautiful jacket. Liner notes, lyrics and full attributions can be found here.

Many of Anahata and Prema's latest dances and songs, enjoyed and appreciated around the world......

  1. Take Off Your Shoes
  2. Divine Grace Is Dancing
  3. Love One Another
  4. By Their Fruits
  5. Ask & Ye Shall Receive
  6. I Don't Want To Dance Unless You Lead Me
  7. The Gods Have Meant That I Should Dance
  8. The Eternal Ecstasy of Being
  9. Truth & Love
  10. Take One Step
  11. Take Him In Thy Parental Arms
  12. Prashanthi Nilayam
  13. White Tara
Recorders of Universal Peace
Anahata Iradah

book cover, "Recorders of Universal Peace"

Book $18
Set of Two Cassettes $20

Combine music & meditation and raise the vibration of the planet one note at a time! Teach yourself alto recorder with melodies from Dances of Universal Peace.

Exquisite hand-made book with two hour companion cassette tapes of meditative music.

The teaching tape guides the student from basic elemental melodies, step by step, gradually building until inspiring tunes flow from the instrument. Each piece is skillfully and appropriately introduced, and the student plays along to a beautiful instrumental setting of the music.

Eat, Dance and Pray Together
Anahata Iradah

Murshid Moineddin Jablonski enjoying Anahata's video, "Eat, Dance and Pray Together"Eat Dance and Pray Miss Ruth in dance pose

DVD - $25

With Special Feature:
River of Guidance with Pir Shabda Kahn

And Beautiful Menu Options

Anahata worked for over five years to create this beautiful history of the Dances through to 1996. Giving a detailed and inspiring history of the Dances through dance, interviews and narration, it also highlights many areas of global activity.

In the words of Murshid Moineddin Jablonski, “There is so much actual baraka and peace transmitted through this video that I wept for joy at seeing that the seeds Murshid S.A.M. planted and nurtured are now growing as fruit and flowers in the gardens of the world.“

Hand to Hand, Heart to Heart ~
The Dances of Universal Peace in the Holy Land
Anahata Iradah

video cover with title and two men shaking hands

DVD $25.00

Produced and narrated by Anahata Iradah, this beautifully produced video tells one story of how the Dances achieve citizen diplomacy and global peacemaking. Join the pilgrims as they journey through Jordan, the West Bank, Israel and Syria. Each stage of the journey is highlighted with Dances as they link hands with Bedouins, Jews, Christians and Moslems. Accompanied by inspiring music and interwoven with many interview segments.

Learn more about Anahata on her bio page. To request more information about her music, email her at